Olma Records, home to talented singer Muyiwa Akhigbe, just released the first of its kind collective EP featuring 7 relatively unknown artistes with 7 songs of diverse genres ranging from Jazz to Soul to RnB and also Afrocentric infused genres ‘The PGM Project’

The project kicks off with an IBK produced R’n’B  tune ‘Right Here’ performed by Chidi. With His soul calming voice He makes it clear to His lover He’ll patiently wait for Her return into His arms, this is the kind of song that’ll make you think about an ex you never had.

The kicks kick in on the second track ‘Love Me Less‘ where Paula B serenades us with her voice which has a jazzy feel to it (almost like Lady Donli) followed by a not-so-awesome 16 from Isah, the first 4 (or 8 bars) didn’t really capture me, but He made up for it in the last 8, good effort nonetheless.

Moving on to the 3rd track on the project by an artiste I personally feel is the most known on this project due to outstanding releases in the past, Tim Lyre doesn’t disappoint on ‘Fake’. On this self produced track Tim tells a tale of a girl who lied and well, was just fake on a bit uptempo sound (Women are scum).

Baby’s Got The Blues sees Joyce Olong be a sucker for her man ,“I got that sweet talk for your sweet walk, no street talk but i can make those sheets talk”. Forget the fact that she has a soothing voice, what really caught me was the fact she produced this track herself, a true talent. This is a song you just relax and listen to

The EP then moves on to Jable‘s Eternal Valentine, a love melody where the singer shows love to His baby girl, There’s a little rough feel with His voice which makes the song even sound better, and the production, oh the production, somebody get Charles Uko (The Producer) an award for the outstanding effort on the 5th track of this wonderful project

Just like the way the project began, the 6th track also features production from IBK, and just like most of the other songs on the EP Mykel‘s Just Fine is a Love number, given that we’re in the month of love i really can’t complain. Awesome performance by Mykel, although i wasn’t too comfortable with the mix, a truely talented artiste nontheless, hitting high notes effortlessly.

To wrap things up Fizzy K & producer 6th. AV. MAGIK give us the feel of the afro-beat legend Fela Kuti on ‘Woman Wrapper‘. The song sounds like the classic Fela tunes we grew up listening to. Easily one of my favourite record on the EP. Who else wants to see her perform this live? I know i do

All in all The PGM Project contains strictly good music, It’s a break from the trap infused society we live in today (shout out to the trap people out there). Awesome project

SCORE: 7.5/10