Wavy The Creator (I’m still yet to figure out her real name) is a Nigerian creative with Benin/Delta roots. Making a name as a photographer for the YBNL crew, she hopped into the music scene early this year and she has been met with positivity from everyone.  A strong believer of being different to make a point, wavy doesn’t believe in conforming to societal norms.

Check out our little chat below.

SB: You were known majorly as a visualist, pictures and stuff, what led to the transition from that into the music industry?

wavy: growth, change, something new. i am not one thing. i am all things i can be. and knowing i could have a voice in the music industry was a good starting ground for encouraging myself to do music

SB: Did you have any fears when you decided to venture into the music scene? Some people have been doing it for a while and they still haven’t “Blown”. What are you bringing to the table? What vibes are you looking to captivate us with?

wavy: ha. fears aren’t real. but i did have alot of questions as a newbie. i had the opportunity to see the music industry from both sides. insides and out so i had a bit of an advantage. i dont think i have blown yet.. but soon. i am bringing all that i am and more. i can’t offer anything more than that. just like every other art i put out there. through my music i want you to find me and through that process find yourself.

SB: I noticed on social media a lot of people question your sexuality, you know this interview won’t be complete without me asking. How do you react whenever you hear these questions?

wavy: lol ?. there’s a video i just posted on my twitter as my forever response. ? find it and you’ll find my answer


SB: I know for certain ‘H.I.G.H’ wasn’t the first track you recorded (or is it?). The track doesn’t follow the kind of sound Nigerians are accustomed to, but you dropped it anyway, what was the motive behind the decision?

wavy: no it wasn’t. recorded my first track last year. lol i dont follow anything Nigerians are accustomed to and that is my drive to do more. strong believer of being different to make a point.

SB: Speaking of being different, there’s a new generation of Nigerians curating sounds different from the norm. How do you feel about this development?

wavyi dont think the sounds we are producing are new. i believe the art to producing these sounds is what is new and different i suppose. it is a great movement, it is bigger than us, it is more than the music and this is something we need to realize in order to make sure we make the change that needs to be made.

SB: I was live at the edition of TheBasementGig you performed at and I have to say you’re quite a jiggy performer and I noticed the acceptance from the crowd. Is it surprising how fast people have accepted you?

wavy: ha thank you very much ?. yes it freaking is yo. can’t even lie all of this is so surreal. cos i never imagined i would be on stage with a mic in my hands rocking to my music and people responding. mind blowing every time i perform. everyone who shows me love keeps me going!

SB: You have 2 tracks out now , are we getting that wavy project anytime soon?

wavy: you’re getting a project soon. maybe sometime this month.

SB: Can I get an exclusive from you regarding the title? Features? Direction of the project? Something? ?

wavy: only thing i can spill. its a joint project with omagz

SB: Ayyeee

Last question, please please what’s your government name?

wavy: lmao. i couldnt tell you. it takes the fun out of it. but you could look it up. i am sure it will pop up

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